Gold for the mare «Nora das Faias» Champion of ExpoÉgua 2019

The 2-year-old filly “Nora das Faias”, (Escorial x Coca by Madrigal), of the creator Luís Filipe Marques Bastos and property of the stud Luís Bastos, was considered by the jury of the contest the Golden Mare and champion of ExpoÉgua 2019, the XXI edition of the event, which ended in Sunday in Golegã.

The village of Golegã concentrated during the ExpoÉgua a series of competitions, important exhibitions linked to the female part of the horse, without however the masculine part was uncured. The time helped and over three days, at the Arneiro da Feira, were evidence of jumps of obstacles, riding work and towing, and the exhibition and classification of mares that competed in the various competitions.

«Nora das Faias», of the stud Luís Bastos, received the first prize, in the category fillies PSL of two years, and then would be considered the Golden Mare and champion of ExpoÉgua.